A brief intro about Tesla

There are many methods to earn money and doing business is one of them. Tesla is a company whose business is growing every year with some very clear visible changes. In the past few years, there came many good changes which changed the position of this company and enlisted it in the list of top companies in the world making a huge profit. Today in this article we will talk about this.


When we talk about some of the world’s most popular car companies, the name of Tesla automatically comes to our mind. Though there are too many car companies in the world, the position of this company was always a bit better than others. Since the transition of Marin Eberhard, the founder and the former CEO of Tesla, to the advisory board in 2007, there have been many changes inside and outside of the companies.

The story of a dispute

 One of the major changes was in the position of Musk. In 2007, musk became the next CEO of Tesla after Martin Eberhard. One news item was also in the air at that time regarding the dispute between Musk and Martin. According to one report when Martin got to know about his transition from the ‘board of Director’ to the ‘Member of Advisory board’. Martin was not happy with this change and he also reminds Tesla about the contract which he signed while starting the company. His attempt to regain his position as a Director back was just like a good of no use.  

Later on, he also filed a case in court regarding Musk and Tesla in this matter. However, soon after this,  he took back his case and then after, nothing came out of the box regarding this matter. That is the reason, many people now think that it was Elon Musk who founded the Tesla company. But what the truth is in reality, we got to know already above?

Tesla stock price

We all know well that the company which does well in the business also does very well in the stock market. The same happened with Tesla also. After getting tremendous success in car manufacturing and selling, it also became one of the most valuable companies to sell or buy shares of the company. With this all, the Tesla stock price also became very high and they, who had invested in it previously, got a huge profit.

With the help of the above discussion, you got to know many good things about Tesla. If you want to know even more things about it, do check it’s website today. Before investing, you can check its balance sheet at https://www.webull.com/balance-sheet/nasdaq-tsla



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