Analyze Data To Know Who To Bet in Football Before The Match

If you place a football bet before kick-off, your analysis will have to be carefully broken down and will relate to the “conditions of success” of your bet. Take the example of a championship soccer match (which will, therefore, end in 90 minutes in any case) between a team A and a team B.

Imagine Placing Your Soccer Bet On The Victory Of Team A

For this to happen, team A must score more goals than team B, which means that:

Team A will create enough opportunity to score at least one goal, which means they must be efficient, fit, or have a useful advantage (set kicks, etc.) over their opponent.

Team b will not score at all, or if they score will concede more goals than they have scored: which means that its attack must be weaker than the defence of team A, or that the attack of team A is much better than the defense of team B

Formalizing the reasoning that leads us to make a forecast allows us to give a better solidity to its analysis. Understanding what the likely scenarios are (there are too many possible scenarios) will provide you with the keys to imagine the most likely outcome of the match and therefore increase your chances of winning your football bets. To understand these scenarios, you will need to identify the data even if using free bet offers.

Differences Between Teams

What are the forces involved? Team very well-funded against the other? Good attack against a bad defense, etc.?

State Of Form

In the last five games, how many wins/draws/losses on each side?

Stake Of The Meeting

Is it a vital match for one of the teams playing its season? A championship match after a Champions League match where one of the teams left a lot of energy?

Past Statistics

Between these two teams, how did the confrontations end?

State Of The Lawn

Is the lawn in poor condition? This can favor the least technical team (which a priori plays less on the ground)?

Player Training

How is team A going to stop the man in form of team B who goes from goal to goal?



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