HBO Max: Shows Made for Binge-Watching

If you thought that binge-watching days are over, HBO Max has brought some amazing new releases that will keep you hooked.

Recap: After the coronavirus outbreak, all we had going apart from stressing is the binge-watch marathon. From watching the Friends all over again to rolling with laughter on Schitt’s Creek, this was our quarantine routine. However, not many of us have access to a stable internet connection that handles online learning, working from home, and constant Netflix and chill. Therefore, having the right cable TV connection to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows is now a necessity.

Even now, as we are heading towards a more stable state, working and learning from home has given us a lot more time to watch some of our site TV shows. With Spectrum TV Select Package, you can enjoy channels that will deliver 24/7 entertainment without any interruption. We do not recommend having only an internet service as your source for TV shows. Having reliable stable and affordable cable TV packages can bring more comfort to your life that cord-cutters will not tell.

We have made peace with bunding options. Having a high-speed internet service with a good combination of cable TV services is more convenient than having any one of them. While you are contemplating the thought of going with the internet, cable, or bundling options, we have created some of the best HBO Max original Tv series that we are going to binge-watch tonight.

The White Lotus

Featuring an ensemble cast that includes Alexandra Daddario, Milly Shanon, Steve Zahn, and Jennifer Coolidge, White Lotus is filled with more hilarious people. The series was initially a limited watch on HBO, but trust us when we say it was so good that HBO had to renew it for the second season. Apart from the darker edges revealing, White Lotus is a murder mystery that will keep you hooked and entertain.


The classic screwball comedy comes with an amazing star cast featuring the loveable goofy Rose playing Jessie. Jessie is a twentysomething girl who parties her way up to New Year’s Eve. She later discovers her one-night stand with Tom Kaopis played by the talented Nikesh Patel, will start her juggling career. While juggling with odd kobs to balancing her relationship with a film star, Jessie is here to entertain. This well-crafted story will surely keep you hooked.


Taking the spotlight, Jean Smart in the comedy-drama series is nothing but fabulous. From throwing iPads into swimming pools to giving the best withering looks, Deborah Vance is a legendary comedy Diva from Las Vegas. The comedy queen is on the journey where she needs to face the prospect of appealing to much younger audiences or she might disappear in obscurity. In her struggle to win the younger demographics, Smart pairs with Ava, played by Hannah Einbinder, to create the perfect balance. Ava is a young and snarky comedy writer that has the freshest material to offer. This perfect combination of comedy and drama takes the audience to the reality of how women retreated in the comedy businesses. Stating the obvious, by Hacks is one of the best series that has come out of HBO Max, and we would not recommend you to miss it.

Made for Love

Hazel Green escapes her 10-year marriage only to discover that her husband, a tech billionaire, has managed to it a chip into her brain. What? With the chip installed, her husband can see her every move. He tracks her to an amount where he can negotiate their marriage. With help of her dad, played by Rau Romano, Hazel managed to find freedom. Not to forget that her dad is already struggling with his unorthodox relationship. A helpful dolphin, awkward people tagging along, and a lot of more weird stuff have made this comedy-drama series simply epic.

It’s a Sin

Do you want to know which is the best TV show in 2021? Here is your answer. It’s a Sin revolved around a group of young gay making their way in the early ’80s. This was the time when HIV/AIDS was first discovered. The boldness, warmth and full-of-life characters are managing to live between local bars and bustling shared houses.

Watch it now

HVO Max has released some amazing comedy, drama, and comedy-drama series that you should not miss.



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