How to Clear the Cache From Your Apple Devices

If you are using any type of Apple device, chances are you care about how your machines perform. You do not want a device that runs in a poor manner. One of the important keys to routine maintenance on your apple devices is to clear the cache. 

In our busy world, we need devices to run fast and work hard. Many people use their Apple devices for work and personal use. To find out how easy it is to clear the cache on your Apple devices, keep reading below. 

Why It Is Important to Clear the Cache

You may be wondering why this is so important. Empty caches are crucial because they create a way of wiping the slate clean. Think of it as cleaning your device’s house. When your home becomes cluttered you may feel unorganized and unable to find things you may need or want fast. 

When you do not know how to clear the cache, you are letting your devices become cluttered. You want your devices to run easily and to provide the best service and the fastest service for your convenience. 

Many people concerned about their privacy want better protection. There are many security breeches today in big corporations. Those companies have huge infrastructures and Information Technology departments, so if they can be compromised, anyone can be.

Real Benefits of Clearing the Cache

The benefits of empty caches are not only that it may keep your iPhone or Mac device running better. It may also help protect your private information. When you visit websites on computers or devices that other people use, it leaves a trail of everything you have visited or seen. 

Some websites store your personal information. This is seen by the next person who uses the device you used or in worst cases it could leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Temporary files that are stored in the cache are often used for malware and viruses.

You can clear the chrome cache or safari cache. Many people who use Apple devices utilize both browsers. 

Sometimes if you are trying to open a website and it is slow to load, this could mean that the cache needs to be cleared. This can be a simple browser error that is fixed by clearing the cache.

How to Clear the Cache

The files stored in the cache are created by the apps or websites you use. If you want to clear the cache in Chrome you will go to menu, tools, then clear browsing data. From there you can make sure “All Time” is selected for the time range. 

Next, you want to make sure the “Chaches images and files” box is checked. Then click “clear data.” This is all you have to do and it only takes a few seconds to perform this task. It could take several minutes for the cache to clear, but that is normal.

To clear the cache in Safari, you go to the Safari drop-down menu and select preferences. From here you will go to the Advanced tab, then “show development menu.” Click the drop=down menu again and select “Clear Cache.”

When clearing the cache on an iPhone, you open Settings, then click on Safari. Click “Clear history and website data.” Now click to confirm. 

These are the quick and simplest ways to clear the cache. There are apps you can use to help keep your apple device clutter-free. These provide a quick solution to easily clear the cache, but some users like to manually clear everything. 

Clearing the cache can be easy or complex. For the tech-savvy user, there are in-depth ways to clear the cache. Some people want to dive deep within their systems to see all the files that have been saved. 

Most people just want to make sure their devices are clear and running at their peak performance levels. For those users, the above steps will be quick and effective. In today’s busy world we need devices that give us no trouble when possible.

How Often Should We Clear the Cache?

We do not realize how often we visit websites every day. Do you use social media? Most of us have Facebook and probably use email. Banks are even using online accounts now to make keeping up with everything much easier. 

When we use any of these, our browsers can hold on to information. It can also cause your cache to become large and this will slow down system performance. The information that is saved in your cache, the slower your device will be.

There is no set rule on how frequently you should clear the cache. The best advice is to clear it after you have done anything you want to keep secure. Then, periodically so that your device does not slow down. 

No one wants to have a slow apple device. We are all busy and need to keep everything running fast. You want websites to open without any problems or lag time. Clearing the cache is an easy way to make sure this happens. 

Keep Your House Clean

Remember the analogy about keeping your home free of clutter. When we keep our apple devices free from too much clutter, this will maintain the organization and ensure everything is in its place. We want our devices to be clean, so to speak, and not have websites lying around in the background. 

When you visit websites often, and you do this a lot, it will fill up the cache. This is like junk filling your home. No one wants that. 

Everything should be clean and in order. If you will make sure to clear the cache on your Apple devices, they will run better and you won’t have so much lag time between websites. The sites will load faster and easier.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Remember, it is easy to do. Clearing the cache on any of your Apple devices, whether it be Safari, Chrome, or any other browser, is not hard and takes minutes. This will save you a lot of time waiting on websites to finish pulling up. 

Do yourself a favor and clear the cache whenever your device seems a little slow. This will save you a lot of time. Follow us for more savvy tech tips and tricks like these. 



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