Is Saturated Fat Good Or Bad?

Before deciding whether saturated fat is good or not, let us discuss the definition of it. Well, saturated fats are the type of fats that consists of a massive amount of molecules of fatty acids, without any double bonds. People consider it to be less healthy compared to unsaturated fats. But, like everything else, it also has its benefits. You have to ensure that you are consuming the saturated fats in the right proportion to extract the benefits out of it. Consider HotOzCoupons if you want to buy quality fat free and healthy food items on a discounted price. So, let us plunge into the realm of fatty acids and acknowledge what it has to offer.

Some adverse effects of saturated fats

Yes, there are numerous adverse effects of saturated fats. If you are consuming these fats without any control or regulations, it may establish some adverse effects in your body. To make you aware of all these effects, let us provide you with the list of issues that you may have to face if you consume too much-saturated fat:

Heart disease

Some studies have stated that if your diet consists of too much-saturated fat, your blood may witness a rise in the levels of cholesterol. And if your blood comprises of too much cholesterol, it will lead you to artery blockages and enhance your risk of developing heart diseases. So, it is recommended that you must confine your saturated fat intake and stay away from heart diseases.


Now, this is something to fear. Cancer is the most monstrous disease in the world, and saturated fats are capable of inducing cancer in your body. Some detailed studies have proved that people who consume more saturated acids are more prone to develop colon, breast and prostate cancer. Other studies have also concluded that women who consume a high amount of saturated fats from animals and red meats are more open to develop breast cancer. Similarly, animal fat consumption increases the chances of colon and prostate cancer.


This is the most common issue amongst all. Saturated fats are one of the most significant reasons for developing obesity. And you can consider obesity to be the crowd puller for all the diseases. When you develop obesity, you are allowing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health issues to raise their heads. Well, there are numerous other reasons behind obesity, but saturated fat is amongst them.

So, these are the disadvantages of consuming too much-saturated fat.

Benefits of consuming saturated fats

Now, it is the time when we must acknowledge the benefits of saturated fats. We have already discussed that apart from its disadvantages, there are innumerable benefits as well. Let us present you with the benefits of saturated fats.

Stronger Bones

Calcium needs the saturated fat so that it can adequately incorporate itself inside the bones. For this reason, it is advisable to keep saturated fats in your diet. The fat proportion must be 50% saturated fats and 50% unsaturated fats. If you can maintain this proportion, you will get the best results.

The health of the liver will improve

When someone is consuming alcohol, it affects the liver. This is the time when saturated fat steps in. It protects the liver from the detrimental impact of alcohol. Also, there are many medicines like acetaminophen that affects the liver. Saturated fat will also protect you from the effects of these medicines.

You will witness a healthy brain

Our brains are made up of cholesterol and fats. So, if your diet consists of healthy saturated fats, it will boost up the abilities of your mind. It is like delivering your brain with the raw materials so that it can perform in an optimal stage.

Strengthens the immune system

The saturated fats that are found in coconut oil and butter play a vital role in enhancing your immune system. If your body doesn’t have sufficient saturated fats, then it will give some adverse effects to your immune system. It will make your immune system incompetent to identify and destroy fungi, viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders.

Helps nerve in proper signalling

There are definite saturated fats that help your nerves to signal appropriately. You can find those saturated fats in lard, coconut oil, butter as well as in palm oil. It helps in the signalling of messages like metabolism and appropriate discharge of the insulin. So, you can understand that saturated fats have a lot to do with our immune system.

So, if you want to know whether saturated fats are good or bad for health, we would conclude that it has both sides. It is up to you, how much you are consuming these fats. If you can intake the proper amount of the fats, it will give you good results.



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