Learn about the leaderboards and number of players on Ballebaazi app

The overall gaming experience has been enhanced in recent years due to the many online gaming services available. Advanced technology and the popularity of online games have got emerging businesses thinking about how virtual gaming can change the new age of gaming reality. Online gaming apps have further provided every gaming enthusiast versatile user experience with immense engagement. These gaming apps have connected skilled players worldwide to compete and win rewards by allowing multiple players and showing their performance via features like leaderboards. Ballebaazi is one such gaming app that has successfully engaged players and celebrated them with real cash rewards and prizes. 

Before you start playing the games, you must want to know important information like the leaderboards and the number of players gaming apps allow. Here we will take Ballebaazi and GetMega into consideration and discuss their leaderboards and number of players.


Let’s understand the leaderboard feature of Ballebaazi and the number of players required or allowed in the game. 


Ballebaazi has a leaderboard to track your performance and wins. To understand where you stand among the other players in Ballebaazi, you can keep track of your game on the leaderboard. All the top scores are displayed on the leaderboard. You can increase your score and raise your current ranking with skills and better play. Leaderboard ultimately depends on the tasks performed and the wins of the player. To check your Fantasy Cricket score, use the Fantasy Cricket Leaderboard. You can top the scoreboard by winning or simply by playing. 

Number of players

There is no restriction on the number of players entering the tournament or contest. However, Fantasy Cricket requires you to have a team of at least 11 players. You can make your team for any competition you wish to participate in. Also, the maximum number of players varies in games played like 8 ball pool, ludo and fruit slice. 


Now, let’s look at the leaderboard feature and the number of players required or allowed in GetaMega. 


An exciting feature of GetMega’s leaderboard is it tracks your daily, weekly and monthly performance along with hourly task performance, which is called Flash Leaderboard. The top ten players on the leaderboard are eligible to win prizes and rewards. The leaderboard is both free and paid to every player. Payment for different leaderboards differs according to the features. The players who rank up to 10th position get a chance to win cash along with fabulous prizes like mobile phones. 

Number of players

For games like Poker, Rummy, or GoPool, the required number of players is different. No player in the game is a bot or fake. Every player is a real player and fully verified by the game developers. Mobile numbers and Facebook profiles are thoroughly checked before the developer allows a potential user. You can check their profile pictures on Facebook.

Both Ballebaazi and GetMega apps provide an outstanding user experience, where the vibrant display of the game is aesthetically appealing and help you focus on the game. They also have one-of-a-kind gaming features that haven’t been developed in any other gaming app. By incorporating all the interesting features, the developers of these two games aim to provide the users with a smooth gaming experience. 

Many gamers hesitate that these apps may not be safe and might lead to data breaching, but GetMega and Ballebaazi apps ensure 100% safety and security of every player. It examines each joiner by their mobile numbers, Facebook profile and pictures. Don’t worry, GetMega and Ballebaazi provide a completely safe gaming experience. Join these gaming platforms and become a master of online games



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