Proper Way to Arrange a Bouquet at a Funeral Service

How to Make a Funeral Flower Arrangement

Flowers and wreaths are traditionally selected according to the deceased’s relationship with the giver. Due to the size of the funeral wreath, it is feasible to obtain one by banding together with those who shared a connection with the decedent. The range of floral tributes for the deceased is extensive, from the simplest bouquet to the grandest casket spray.

How to Properly Lay a Wreath at a Memorial Service

    • In most cases, a funeral grave is decorated with a small floral wreath selected by the decedent’s closest relatives (children, spouses). In Christian funerals, a cross-shaped wreath is used as a tribute. The roses in this arrangement are a token of your undying affection for your loved ones and are therefore only appropriate for those in your immediate family. 
    • A grave front, a set of sorrow pillows, or a traditional funeral wreath are options for relatives who are a little further away. The deceased’s grandkids, for instance, may select a mourning heart to show their love for their grandfather. 
    • Members of the immediate family can choose which bouquets or rose petals will be scattered at the funeral. Many times, the wreath is made up of contributions from close friends. They use muted pastels and whites to represent the camaraderie they share with others than her as the brighter hues preferred by the family. 
  • There is no rigorous code for intimate friends of the deceased; they can participate by bringing vividly colored flowers. Everyone in attendance is encouraged to adhere special touches to the funeral wreath in honor of the departed. 
  • A traditional wreath is often sent by a group of people who knew the dead and had some sort of connection to them. Simply including a message with the names of the donors is adequate here. 
  • One need not take part if they feel that laying a typical wreath is not fitting. A simple bouquet may be a charming homage to friendship and a gesture of respect if it is thoughtfully arranged and personalized. 
  • A few days after the event, those who were close to the deceased but did not know him or her well may give a somber bouquet in classic tones. This kind of activity will be there for the family after the burial to comfort them.

Religions and the Symbolic Wreath of Sorrow

A funeral wreath is a traditional part of both civic and religious rites of passage. The wreath-laying custom may vary from ceremony to ceremony. Flower-decorating and a civil ceremony: Memorial flowers during a public service might or might not be present. The family is welcome to make any adjustments to the service that they see fit or that were the decedent’s final desires. Flowers for a Catholic Funeral Service: Funeral flowers are a common sight during Catholic services. Especially the decorative items are known as “coffin tops,” which might take the shape of a cross, heart, or wreath, bringing a splash of color to the coffin. They serve to remind mourners of the significance of life’s passing. Funeral sprays are traditionally used at the final ceremony of departure, which is the burial.



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