The New Addition To Your Facial Skincare Routine – Men’s Essence

In recent times the Korean market has come up with trends that took the cosmetic industry by storm. Essences are not fragrances but are necessarily a daily part of the Korean skincare routine. The essence is quite different from a toner. While a toner reaches deep in the pores to remove hard to reach dirt. The essence helps other products penetrate more deeply, increasing the effectiveness of other products. Facial essence is hydrating and lightweight liquids that are useful in preparing the skin for post-cleansing.

Difference between a toner and face essence

Both toners and face essence are lightweight liquids. They may seem similar but have different purposes with different ingredients. Toner removes the very last traces of cleanser and it is water-based. Toners are enhanced with essential oils and alcohol so that it dries quickly. The facial essence is creamier and contains active ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin. it balances the skin after the cleanse, toning and priming.

A ten-step Korean routine or a three-step general skincare one, it is easy to slip the essence into it as it due to its quick application. It is generally used as a toner however instead of using it on a cotton pad; there are other ways of application as mentioned by experts.

Placing a few drops into your palms and tapping it gently onto the face until it is completely absorbed. The heat from your palms and the gentle application will help the toner to seep into your skin-boosting the circulation

Finding the right essence for your face.

Every individual has a different skin type and finding genuine products can be difficult. However, their online platforms that feature products like Men Essence[น้ำตบผู้ชาย, which is the term in thai] and wrinkle creams. Biotherm is one such platform so make sure to check out their website.



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