The Purpose Of Early Child Assessment Development   

Assessment of early childhood development (พัฒนาการ เด็ก ปฐมวัย, which is the term in Thai) has three purposes, and each of them helps to develop the educational strength and to ensure that your child succeeds in the long-term.

Assessments Help Teachers’ Planning

Early childhood assessment helps teachers to identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses and set goals for guidance. It enables the provision of appropriate activities for the students that suit different development areas. This is a proven way of improving academic learning and achieving life-long success.

A teacher may notice that a student isn’t comfortable with group activities and thus plans independent activities to support the child.

Assessments Create an Avenue for School and Family to Work Together

With early childhood assessment, teachers can relate better and work together to support the child’s growth.

A typical example is with a teacher failing to recognize a child’s ability to spot colors; the teacher may learn from the child’s parents that the child quickly identifies colors of toys from a toy shop. This way helps parents and teachers to understand better what they can do at home and school, respectively, to support the child’s learning and development.


Information from Assessments helps for Quality Evaluating 

Early childhood program involves the continuous monitoring of children’s development and answering their development assessment form (แบบ ประเมิน พัฒนาการ, which is the term in Thai) questions and learning needs. Evaluating the overall performance of a group enables administrators to identify certain areas of program needs and decide on the best professional development to help teachers and staff support all students’ progress.

A typical example is when a principal reviews the math indicators for all pupils in a school and realizes the need to upgrade math training or math-related materials to improve the math ability of all the pupils in the school.



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