Tricks you should make a habit while playing real cash rummy

Rummy is a skill and strategy-based game. The rules of rummy are pretty simple and limited. However, if you wish to improve your skills to earn some money in cash rummy, a few additional tricks would help.

Real cash rummy involves real money. As such, you should work on your potential and minimize the losses as much as possible. In order to ace rummy, you need a few tricks up your sleeves which would make sure that you can defeat even experienced opponents easily. Read on, to know more about these tricks.

Useful tricks while playing real cash rummy

  • Remember your priorities

It is important to keep your priorities straight while playing cash rummy. In order to win, you would need to meld at least one pure sequence in your hand. A pure sequence is a sequence of at least three consecutive cards of the same suit. Having a pure sequence is a must while playing rummy in india. Even if all your cards are melded into valid sets and sequences, you cannot win without a pure sequence. These sequences help to lower your points at the end of the game.

  • Memorizing the cards

If you’re a beginner at a real cash rummygame, this might seem difficult to you at first. But with time and practice, you should be able to memorize the cards easily. Memorizing the cards your opponents discard and pick up from the open deck will help you get a fair idea about the sets and sequences he’s aiming for. Consequently, you’ll know which cards from your hand might be helpful to him, and so shouldn’t be discarded.

  • Knowing when to drop

It is important to realize and acknowledge the times when you do not have a playable hand in a real cash rummy game. If you keep on persisting in the game despite having a bad hand, you’re most likely to lose a lot of unmatched cards with you. The more the number of unmatched cards, the more points you gather, and the more money you lose. It’s best to drop as early in the game as soon as possible. Dropping in the first turn would get you a meager 20 points. These points keep on increasing as you keep playing your subsequent turns.

  • If possible, avoid picking discarded cards

When you pick discarded cards, you help your opponents know which sets and sequences you are going for. This will help them plan his moves accordingly. Unless a discarded card is absolutely important to you in the game, you should avoid picking cards from the discarded pile or open deck.


Experts in rummy often use these tricks to win in cash rummy and tourneys. Once you get used to applying these tricks at the right time, you will notice that your understanding of the game would improve significantly. It would then be much easier for you to bring home a series of wins, and earn extra cash on the side.



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