What Are the Different Ways to Coordinate Jewelry with Your Outfit?

Women spend most of the time in deciding which jewelry will suit the outfit. Having knowledge about jewelry pieces that go with your specific outfits makes your task a lot easier. This article will tell you all those ways by which you can coordinate your jewelry in the best possible way.

At workplace

If your work involves typing on the keyboard, then dangling wrist jewelry wouldn’t be comfortable. By coming in between, it can obstruct your work. If you are looking for jewelry for work, then you have to skip hanging bracelets and the bangles. In place of it, you must choose wearing solid bracelets, earrings and watches. Do away with showy accessories.

Statement earrings to complement your face cut

When dressing for occasions, it is needed that the ornaments you choose look the best on you. Statement earrings highlight your face and make you the center of attraction in any party. A pair of flashy and glittery statement earrings with pink pearl necklace will highlight your eyes and bring a significant facial difference.

For heart-shaped face cut, drop earrings would look the best. For oval shaped face cut, triangular earrings and studs will highlight cheekbones. So, learn about your face cut and accordingly choose the jewelry.

Jewelry that compliments skin tone

Jewelry should be selected based on the skin tone. The right jewelry should highlight it and illuminate natural skin tone. Silver is one of those jewelry pieces that do this work. Gold looks best on women having matte skin and darker hair.  White gold and gems in blue, purple and red color suits lighter skin tones.  Women with warmer skin tone should consider wearing yellow, green and orange colored gemstones.

Diamonds are perfect for all occasions and outfits

If you are unsure of which jewelry will be appropriate for you, then choose diamonds. Diamond easily goes with any type of fabrics. The classic white colored diamond works as a prism displaying all the colors that make its composition.


So, these are some of the best tips that you need to consider when choosing jewelry for different events.



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