4 Modest Wears You Should Know About

There was a time when modest wear was associated with being detached from fashion and the latest trends. Women who chose to dress humbly were singled out and didn’t have many options to style themselves with. But now the times have changed. This era has brought about many revolutions especially in fashion for men, women and children. Obviously, it didn’t spare religious wear as well and thus Modest Fashion was born.

Nowadays fashion is all about exploring yourself and making new modifications instead of following old trends. Multiple international and domestic brands have launched their own modest wear collections that cater to all women who like to dress up modest but in their own unique way. To get you more familiar with the idea here we will present some of the notorious modest wear styles you need to know before you decide to step into this world.

1- Abayas

The first item on our list is Abayas. They are a classic example of modest wear, worn equally by women despite regional or racial differences. You can find these garments in many different styles. They are loose fit, maxi style, butterfly style and numerous more. Furthermore, if you want to buy these items in low price ranges you can always take advantage of Riva Fashion code and offers. Some of the worth mentioning Abayas are Detailed Hem Print Linen Abaya, Printed Side Detail Abaya Dress, and Refka by Modanisa.

2- Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are an excellent replacement for your regular bottoms. You can wear them with any outfit from sweatshirts to dresses. This clothing can be worn in every season and occasion. They are made out of fabrics like Chiffon, silk, cotton, or jersey. You can style them up with a matching hijab and a jacket. Throw on a pair of dark boots and just like that, you’re ready to slay wherever you go. To suggest you few Pom Pom Trim Layered Maxi Skirt, Sheer Mesh Midi Skirt, and Half Wrap Knitted Skirt.

3- Kaftans

A kaftan is a modernized form of a tunic or a robe. It is a loose-fitting and flowy dress with long sleeves and joined sides. Kaftans are made from light weight fabric such as Crepe, Organza, Silk, Muslin Fabric, Brocade, Taffeta and numerous others. Our most favourites in this category are Long Printed Linen Kimono, Tassel Tie Neck Kaftan Dress, and Long Printed Pink Kimono.

4- Long Sleeves Dresses

If you are not a fan of Abayas, kaftans or skirts then these apparels are the best options for you. Their wide sleeves and loose-fitting makes it a perfect choice for modest wear.  These dresses can be worn on any occasion from weddings to casual get-togethers. You can find them in varying styles like embroidered, embellished, printed, embossed and adorned with diamantes, tiny mirror coins, rhinestones, gems, sparkles and whatnot. During winters you can pair them up with vibrant colour shawls or jackets. To names, some of our most loved long sleeves dress our picks are Printed V-Neck Tiered Dress, A-Line Maxi Knit Dress, and Black Pom Trim Off Shoulder Dress.



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