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Not all dolls can be recognized, far from it: the nearly everyone difficult to be familiar with are all unmarked dolls, country dolls, and cheap industrial dolls. Sometimes, an era and a kind of doll are the mere elements obtainable: Some Invoice collectors are frustrated when all they can discover about their precious good is that it is a “Goldberger. But that’s sometimes all you can say unless another collector has before found the doll in its unique box with his name and published the information.

Many dolls made in Asia during the past 30 years, often sold custom bobbleheads via an advertisement in magazines, souvenir shops or retailers, are also hard to identify. If you have a collection, it is a good idea to keep a record of it so that you can know its status and refer to it if necessary. A simple spreadsheet or even a notebook will help you organize this information.

The value of your dolls: the estimate

A group of collectors will tell you that what matters is not the monetary worth of the dolls but the hunting of the rare pearl and the pleasure of enjoying the compilation. However, it may be high-quality to know the worth of each of your dolls for insurance purposes or if you decide to decrease your collection. To decide the value of a doll, ask yourself the following questions: Has the doll been restored or repaired? Is it chipped, dull, stained, does it show other signs of wear? Are the rubber bands tight or lose? Does it have a serial number that an expert could identify?

Does it have a manufacturer or production year mark?

Most dolls that are older have been bought for children who are often teasing. This is to say that our blond heads loved them until they gave a makeover using pens and scissors personalized bobblehead. As family memories, they are dear to the eyes of their owners and their descendants. As collector’s items, they are not worth much, unless they have survived unharmed or in a repairable condition for the love of children.

The value of antique dolls

The primary element to consider is the aesthetic appeal of the doll. Although it is by nature subjective, concrete elements reinforce it: the excellence of the mold, the change of the eyes, the know-how of the make-up artist, the markings constitute a second element, especially if the aesthetics and state of conservation are good.

Among the old dolls that we find today, many are made up of several parts from different models or manufacturers.



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