Dallas Escorts-Night Queen in Your Arms

Courtesan ship is as old as human culture. Sensual pleasure exchanged between two people instead of goods or service exists from the dawn of human civilization. The concept of harlotry emerged in 3B.C from Sumerians in Mesopotamia. According to their belief at sunrise the goddess of love and war “Ishtar” born as a virgin and at dusk she turns herself to a “whore”-the word trace back to prehistoric Indo European root “Ka” meaning desire. The priestesses of Ishtar offered their beautiful luscious heavenly bodies to satisfy the flames of desires of men in exchange for precious gifts and money. Since then, this profession has travelled alley of time eternal to diversify into different branches and satisfy men and women from all spheres of life.

Past courtesans evolved to modern Escorts

Marriage was a kind of social agreement in Greece at 4th B.C, who denies it is not at present days. Courtesan ship was socially accepted and recognized with due revere. There were two types of service offered one for the common man at a reasonable price, and the women offered these services were called “porne”. Other exquisite services were offered to royal and wealthy men by “hetaera”, who were not just sex partner. These lovely succulent ladies, charmed and entertained their guests with dance, song, poetry and another sensual delight. These socialites ladies pampered, accompanied those wealthy gentlemen in a most sensual and alluring way, hence their service was extraordinary and expensive. In modern days they are Dallas Escorts those who pamper you, serve you in a most eloquent, exquisite way making the night unforgettable and awesome.

Elite service

Life is about enjoying good things in the right place at the right price. Hiring a sexy, luscious, curvy escort woman fulfils your fantasy and desire and makes you a complete man. When you hire an escort, you don`t have to worry about sexually transmitted disease and HIV, because most agencies maintain a high standard of health regulation. This ensures safety for you and your potential partners. It is not only about a sexual ecstasy, but it is also more about a union of body and mind. The various upbeat services they offer makes you walk on cloud nine and only fantasized in your wildest dreams. Dallas Escorts offer service, which is amazing, delicate, wonderful, delightful and worth of your money and time. Escorting is not only about sex, but the services, the ambience, the drinks and food and the intimate and playful attitude of your partner. The wholesome experience makes that night unforgettable.



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