How to increase your sales with Facebook ads

Getting organic traffic is always the best way to get visitors to your site. It is free traffic of course unless you have spent a lot of money in SEO to improve your Google ranking[อันดับ google, which is the term in Thai]. However this traffic is only good for your SEO ranking.

Why organic traffic is hard to convert into sales

Organic traffic is hard to convert into sales due to following reasons:

  • Most of the people visit your site is only looking for an answer to one of their questions.
  • Many of the visitors are just not interested in buying and are only interested in what it is called in real world as ‘window shopping’.
  • Most of the people who even want any of your products would not buy it suddenly after seeing on your website. They need some time to make up their mind.

SMM is lifesaver

Social media marketing is your best bet if you really want to ace the game of sales. You will get refined traffic with SMM.

Why Facebook

Facebook is currently the biggest social media platform. If you post your ad on Facebook, millions of people are going to see it. You will get a lot of exposure and will generate a lot of leads.

How it is better

If you post an ad of Facebook you will reach the millions of active users at the same time. Only the interested people would click on your advertisement. One of the biggest benefits of posting an ad on Facebook is that you will get the traffic with buyer’s mentality. People who are not interested in your product will simply skip your advertisement. Only those who are interested in buying will click on the link.

Another major benefit

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook ads is that you are only paying on cost per click. You will only be charged when someone clicks on your link which is an awesome deal.



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