Looking to move or shift to Wheeling, West Virginia then start searching for an auto transport company for moving your vehicle as household goods mover usually does not move vehicles. Wheeling was the capital city of West Virginia before Charleston and one of the original British colonial settlements in Virginia.

Today, Wheeling is home to almost 30,000 inhabitants and is a perfect place to find employment in education, tourism, legal services, entertainment, manufacturing, and energy. It is also a popular city for fishing, boating, and other water sports due to having direct access to River Ohio, which is in the city’s downtown area.

Looking for a reputable auto shipping company

While you are managing other things regarding moving to Wheeling, allow Ship A Car, Inc to take care of your vehicle shipment to the new location. This auto transport company has an experience of 30 years of providing safe and reliable Wheeling car transportation services. They offer direct pick-up and drop service to and from any business or residential location in Wheeling, West Virginia. Contact their transport coordinator and allow their knowledgeable team to smoothly facilitate your Wheeling auto shipping from start to finish.

Knowledge of Interstate towing

While having your vehicle towed to Wheeling, first make sure that your auto shipping company has good experience with interstate towing both to and from Wheeling. Many companies claim that can handle interstate towing but not all of them can provide the service.

Since there are different rules and regulations for Wheeling and other US states, you must be familiar with the State laws from where your vehicle is moving and the state where it is to be delivered. A reputed auto shipping company should understand all the regulations. 

Planning for shipping your car to Wheeling

Certain key points might be helpful while you are planning to ship your car to or from Wheeling.

Use terminal-to-terminal transport

If you have a budget constraint, try using a terminal-to-terminal transport service if you are not too keen on door-to-door delivery. Reach a terminal point whether for getting your car towed or getting the delivery. You would save a good deal of money with this option.

Get everything documented

No matter how reliable are the services of the auto transport company, ensure you get everything in writing and documented. 

  • Check the insurance coverage as it should be written and not conveyed just by word of mouth.
  • Read everything carefully before signing the contract or any other paperwork related to your Wheeling car shipping.

Enclosed shipping carriers for expensive cars

If you have an expensive or luxury car, check with the transporters whether they have an enclosed carrier option. Open air carriers are fine for standard vehicles that are driven daily but for high-end vehicles like sports cars, and vintage or classic cars, enclosed carriers are the safest option. Although they will be a bit more expensive than open air transport, it is well worth paying the amount when you are assured that your precious vehicle is secured during the transit.

Wheeling is one of the rainiest areas in the country hence, it would be wise to avoid the rainy season for shipping your car whether to or from the city.