When you are searching for a standing wheelchair, you will likely find a wide variety of models. While there are many different manufacturers and brands, your first decision should be what style of wheelchair you are looking for. Each manufacturer offers different styles, so you will want to choose the one that will be the most comfortable for your child.

For children with limited mobility, a basic model is usually all they need. These models may have a reclined seat or pushchair base that allows them to sit in their wheelchair without any assistance. Some may also be equipped with wheels, but most basic models don’t come with them.

On the other hand, the basic models also lack many of the extras that most advanced models come with. These features include a hand held power supply, a seat that swivels, larger wheels and storage boxes to keep the chair clean. There are also some models that do not come with headrests, footrests or a rear view mirror.

Most basic models have plastic frames that can become damaged or cracked from rough handling. The plastic is not very durable and will eventually warp if it is not protected from high traffic areas. There are plastic frames available that offer a very strong, but lightweight protection.

Standing Wheelchair Buying Guide

The main advantage of a metal frame is that they are much more durable than the standard wheelchair frame. The frames also resist rust and abrasion much better than the plastic frame. One downside to metal frames is that they tend to have a more squared back.

Of course, not every child’s mobility is equal. The manufacturer will need to take into account what kind of support needed for the child. If your child has limited range of motion, the wheelchair may not be able to provide as much support as a more advanced model.

One major problem is that if your child has a defect in their legs, they will not be able to sit on the wheelchair properly. They will also need to ensure that the wheelchair has enough side clearance to allow them to place their feet. As a result, the wheelchair that is right for your child will have some features that they may not need.

It is important to be clear about what features are best for your child’s age and ability. For younger children, it is best to have the chair that has more features. A wheelchair that only has a reclined seat will not be suitable for younger children.

You should also consider the environment that the wheelchair will be traveling in. Most of today’s modern wheelchair designs are designed to be fuel efficient. This means that you may be able to get an electric powered wheelchair with an internal combustion engine that consumes a lot less gas and oil.

Dani Standing Wheelchair in action

This kind of fuel efficiency is important for the environment. It also makes it easy to travel in smaller, light weight, easy to maneuver vehicles like mopeds. Also, the fuel efficiency of the electric powered wheelchair is more environmentally friendly because it does not emit fumes and gasses.

Some wheelchair models are designed to fold or stow when not in use. These are called pushchair van or motorized wheelchair van models. With these, the wheelchair and power adapter is stored away in a storage unit or in a compartment in the floor of the van.

Stand up models are often called platform chairs. The advantage of this type of chair is that they can be placed in the car or other vehicle. Many are designed to fold down into a tiny storage compartment that fits inside a car trunk or under the passenger seat.