What Are Some Good Senti-Drama Films In Telugu

Below are some excellent senti-drama films in Telugu.

Aryawas dubbed as a blockbuster when it was released in May 2004. The film narrates about Geetha, who is a college student who was proposed to by Ajay, a spoiled brat. Aarya, on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky guy who also sees Geetha and falls in love with her too.

One day at a party in Ajay’s house, he introduces Geetha to his father, asking him to arrange a marriage for them. The father seemingly agreed but just to appease Ajay. The truth is he wanted someone else to marry his son. The two decided to flee with the help of Arya.

The movie seems to be about sacrificing for the one you love. Will Arya be alone in the end? Next in the list is Magadheera. This movie is about past life and how one’s past affects his present. About finding true love and keeping it for a lifetime. The third sentimental movie on the list is AlaModalaindithat talks about losing love and finding new love. Talks about fate and being hopeful.That in the end, love will always prevail. There are many more movies in aha videos.


The main character in this movie is Ganesh, a happy-go-lucky college youth. He runs around with friends every day, does some kindness to others, and irritates his father. He found a diary one day, and the film will circle the narration on the diary’s content. In it, love for Ganesh was written by Sandhya. Things get complicated when the sister of Sandhya arrives and gets jealous because she wanted Ganesh for herself. She tried to make things chaotic for the two. In the following scenes, Sandhya is about to marry someone else and not Ganesh, whom she loves more. What will be the ending to this love story?


The main character “Chakram” is a returning student from abroad. He has a dream of building a hospital in Pulinvendula. He is in love with his colleague and his cousin, who also studied with him abroad.

He left their place when he was diagnosed with cancer. He kept it a secret to her, and instead, he went to a place called Sahara Colony in Hyderabad. When he got there, he also tried to help the people with the problems they’re facing. There, he also met another woman. Will this movie have a joyful ending?


A film that recounts about a man who’s an Engineering school graduate named Karthik: he wanted to be a filmmaker. His friend helped him and brought him to a director who needs an assistant. Karthik falls in love with a neighbor the first time he saw her. The family of the woman is bent on rejecting him because he’s a Hindu. The woman soon also falls in love with Karthik, but as in every story, there are difficulties the hero and heroine have to face. Will the two lovers be together? Will the woman’s parents accept Karthik? Is there a happy ending for these two? Check all these movies in aha movies.



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