Why Organic Food Is Preferred over Non Organic Food Products?

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Organic Food is free of antibiotics, artificial chemicals, organisms (genetically changed) and hormones. Side by side, artificial additives in food like monosodium glutamate, flavor, coloring, preservatives and sweeteners are not added. Natural fertilizers are selected while growing organic crops. For the better growth, only manure is used in the soil. Similarly, the organic meat is taken from animals that are not given any kind of hormones or antibiotics. If you are interested to provide organic products to your family, get Carrefour code for receiving quality and guaranteed organic products like coconut milk, bell pepper, virgin olive oil, cucumber, plain honey, sweet potato, carrots, apple, mango, yoghurt, eggplant, capsicum, dates, banana, pear, garlic and many other products within budget.

People are getting awareness to play their role in reducing pollution and developing healthy environment therefore they are relying more on organic sources to get the desired results. They prefer meat, dairy products, grains, vegetables, fruits and even organic processed products like breakfast cereals, cookies and sodas to rely on natural substances and trim down the use of chemicals.

Advantages of Organic Food

  • ยท      It is noticed that organic foods have an elevated level of micronutrients (iron, zinc, and vitamin C) and antioxidants.
  • These food items have reduced nitrate level (almost 30%) as compared to non-organic products.
  • As far as dairy products and milk is concerned, the organic food items have high level of Vitamin E, iron and fatty acids omega three.
  • It is interesting that the food impacts environment as well as emotional and mental health of the users. When organic food is used, it offers great valuable nutrients that traditionally cropped food items. Use of preservatives and chemicals make people allergic to various foods. To avoid allergic symptoms, it is suggested to use organic fresh food. Mention Carrefour code whenever you need fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, dairy products or meat.
  • Traditional agricultural procedures depend on insecticides, herbicides and synthetic fungicides to protect the crops and increase the production. The remains of these chemicals are also added in these crops and then to food we consume on regular basis.
  • Definitely, organic food is free from preservatives therefore the life span is more than in-organic food.
  • When food is cultivated without using harmful chemicals, it does not only impact on health but positively on the environment. Organic farming supports in overcoming soil erosion conserve water and pollution. Side by side, it improves the fertility of soil without consuming more energy. When farming is carried without spraying the synthetic pesticides, not only the atmosphere but the animals and birds living near these places enjoy better life.
  • In farm houses, organic animals are raised without the assistance of growth hormones, byproducts and antibiotics. It is said that byproducts are responsible to cause the disease mad cow, whereas antibiotics develop bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. Organic farm houses do not only provide dairy products but make it certain that animals are given spacious areas to live a healthy life.

Definitely, organic products are higher in price than the inorganic products. To avail these products within budge, make use of Carrefour code to choose hormone and chemical free daily use food items to gain maximum health benefits.



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