Academic Faculty As A Key Piece Of Universities

The training of future professionals in an entire country depends on their way of conceiving and practicing education. Whoever teaches should never stop learning. This phrase applies especially to teachers, who with their knowledge, shape the minds of the future, but at the same time continue to learn how to connect better with their students.

If we think about the educational process and particularly in universities, it is easy to note that the role of teachers is fundamental to the development of this. Both for their work with the students and their work towards the center, teachers are one of the critical pieces of higher education.

Regarding The Students

Throughout the educational stage, students are trained as professionals, but also as people. The professional profile that these will obtain is formed, to a large extent, thanks to the guidance and support of their teachers.

The interpersonal relationships developed within the classroom, the roles that each student will assume within the group that will mark their professional performance, are generated under the guidance of the teacher. The teacher’s job is, therefore, that they feel comfortable inside the classroom but also that they prepare to leave it.

The teacher is an authority figure in the lecture room but at the same time, a friendly source to turn to in case of needing guidance. Therefore, its importance for universities not only focuses on their ability to teach but on their human quality and personal qualities to help and guide students in trouble.

Regarding Universities

Teachers are, in a way, responsible for implementing the policies established by each educational institution. These will take to the classroom the plans that mark the agenda of the centers.

But at the same time, they are your reflection on the world. When evaluating a Bangkok University and determining its quality, the quality and training level of its teachers will inevitably be analyzed. What training do they have? Do they do research? Do they publish in academic journals? These and other questions are typical when analyzing teachers in a center.

Therefore, universities should value their professors and at the same time, require them to continue training, providing them with the necessary spaces to do so, and always encouraging innovation and adoption of new educational techniques.



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