Tips For A Successful Professional Profile Photo

Are you on professional social networks? Your profile picture is very important: beyond your skills, 55% of your communication goes through your non-verbal. Discover tips from for an effective profile photo and make a good first impression.

Your photo should look like you and make your interlocutor want to meet you. Choose a portrait photo (from head to shoulders) that is recent, quality and in color. You will be represented alone, in a rewarding situation and a neutral setting: avoid photos taken in the evening or at a family event. Avoid the self-portrait (or ” selfie “), currently very trendy: you must offer the image of a professional in a professional posture and not in a fun situation.

If you are to choose between a photo booth or a professional photographer, know that for a similar cost you will benefit from professional advice and quality rendering.

Pay attention to the lighting of the photo booths. Often too powerful, it tends to make us look bad. You would then risk having to redo your photos.

Take Care Of Your Appearance

“The habit does not make a monk but it allows us to enter the monastery”! Mastering your image is essential to deliver the right message.

On a professional photo, respect the dress codes related to your activity.

If in doubt, choose a shirt or top with a V-neck or slightly flared round – no turtleneck. Be careful not to look too sexy.

Make sure to cover your arms and shoulders. For this, a jacket will most often be recommended.

What Colors For Your Outfit?

Depending on your natural colorimetry (your skin color, that of your eyes and your hair), certain colors are to be preferred more than others: the chosen color must sublimate you!

Know, in a very synthetic and global way, cold tones are favored for your face:

  • If you have a pale white or very clear to pink complexion, that you tan with difficulty and get sunburn;
  • If you have a very white complexion and black hair and your tan remains clear;
  • Or even, if your skin color is ebony black.
  • Opt for example, for black, white, blue, purple, plum, burgundy, pine green, gray, purple and silver accessories.

Conversely, warm tones are to be favored around your face:

  • If your complexion is clear to light golden, has freckles and your tan is slightly golden.
  • Or even, if your skin is dull to light brown and your tan quickly.

Choose, for example, off-white, browns, orange tones, yellows, warm greens like khaki green and golden accessories.



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