Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Locks

Today, technology has advanced very quickly, bringing new products to the hands of ordinary users. A significant part of our homes is the main doors since through them, people can enter our interior space, whether they are guests and not guests who commit misdeeds to do so.

The smart digital door lock is a complement, so having a secure and sound technology is the best when choosing our security.

Advantages Of Electronic Locks   

  1. One of the fascinating features that these have is that with the use of remote control or through the internet, they can be opened. So if you are waiting for someone to go to your house or have made an order, then what you can do is open the door through the internet, and the person leaves the order or enters the house.
  2. It is a good way not to leave the door open for someone to pass. There are even applications that allow us to access them, and they can also show the images they have through the integrated camera that some models have.
  • Also, the use of the controls makes the keys cease to exist, so that the problems that these are lost will have already been solved. We will not worry about copies of them since we can open them with an application on our Smartphone, a code that has the digital door lock, by biometrics or other access.

The Disadvantages Of Electronic Locks                                                                         

  1. The components that these have are usually more susceptible to physical attacks that criminals can drive, such as leverage through a door, which can be started with the use of physical force.
  2. Also, it is vital to check that the controls that are installed do not run out of batteries since when they are out of operation, you cannot open the door unless you call a locksmith and perform the relevant procedure that can damage the door and the lock in the same way.


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