Strategies For Playing Texas Holdem

When playing texas holdem poker, it is essential to develop a game strategy. Any poker player worth his salt should consider the main objective of developing a strategy to play Texas Holdem before starting to play poker for money.

Tight Play Style

Play only in the few hands where you get very good cards; as high pairs, high flush, or straight chances or two cards between J and A. Not only must you enter the game only with strong cards, you must bet aggressively.

It is the strategy of Texas Holdem most recommended for beginners as it gives them greater room for maneuver when the psychology of the game and the “bluffs” are not yet well mastered. The reason why you must bet hard on entry before the cards are placed on the table is to discourage the amount of opponents willing to bet. You are telling them, “I have a good hand, only bet if you have good cards!”

So you will know that the few who enter the play also have good hands. Once in the flop, you will evaluate more easily if it favors you or perhaps an opponent. And you can withdraw or raise the bet, even bet everything if you got a good combination.

Aggressive Play Style

This texas holdem strategy is the most effective styles if you stand firm. Most beginner online poker players are usually very conservative. If you find yourself at a very conservative table, being aggressive is paid. It implies being the protagonist of the poker table, always forcing the other players to double their initial bets, and if they match you, you will continue to raise the bets. Never the same, if a player raises the initial bet before you then raises the bet even more.

The usual behavior will be that the initial players who bet conservatively will withdraw, and you will only be left with a few big fish. It will depend on your experience if you play with a good hand or resort to a good bluff.



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