Car Air Conditioner Diagnostics

The car’s comfort is not only determined by the comfortable seats, handling, and beautiful design. It also includes the atmosphere inside the cabin. And what helps create it in summers or the cold? Air conditioner only.

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Researchers dealing with cars have found that the most optimal temperature suited for humans ranges from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, with humidity no more than 70%. If the cabin temperature is dropped below 15C, it can cause hypothermia. Above 25C – there is a risk of the driver getting slept. Moreover, if the temperature reaches above 30C, it can cause accidents because it can disturb the driver’s coordination.

The air conditioning in the car is designed to create and maintain an optimal atmosphere for the driver.

Air Conditioner Malfunctions

The most common air conditioning problem that every car owner faces is the loss of tightness. It can result from various defects that can arise in the multiple technological chains of the product.

Doorstep car service in Mumbai can quickly diagnose a car air conditioner and help you provide the exact reason for the malfunction, its localization, and outline repair methods.

Weaknesses of the System

  • Gaskets
  • Radiator
  • Air dampers
  • Fine air filter
  • Pipelines
  • Electrical equipment
  • Freon pressure in the pipeline system
  • Control unit (automatic climate control).

There are often three kinds of hazards associated with air conditioning assemblies, corrosion, dirt particles inside the connections, and slovenliness. The latter, firstly, concerns car manufacturers and mechanics who carelessly pumped freon into the system.

The mechanic from an online car service in Mumbai can efficiently perform air conditioning diagnostics. However, his main task is to identify the point of leakage in the refrigerant (freon) circulation system and determine the blockage point. Both these factors work both jointly and separately.

How to do it

Usually, all the car service centers have a whole service dedicated to diagnosing and repairing the car air conditioner. However, it is worth reminding that pleasure is not always affordable.

This created the temptation to try everything by yourself.

Maybe you are right. At a car workshop in Mumbai, shots are not fired by the god. Like everything else, it needs special skills, special tools, and knowledge of specific diagnostic techniques.

Leak Test

The most common methods of leak detection includes:

  • Soaping: This technique involves using the soapy solution, which helps determine the leakage by forming bubbles at the hole’s site.
    Disadvantage – It’s hard to use this method in tricky places for soaping and observation.
  • With the use of a leak detector: It’s a special device that is sensitive to freon vapors.
    Disadvantages: It is hard for such a device to detect multiple closely spaced perforated holes in the place of leak.
  • Ultraviolet dye: It is usually introduced in the piping of the air conditioner to paint the place of defects.
    Disadvantages: You need to wash the tubes after every use thoroughly. Otherwise, there is a chance that it can mask the defects that may arise later.

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