The Influence and Importance of the English Language in the present Society

A child is just like a small seed. The way a seed needs proper nourishment and care in the early stages of its growth; similarly, a child emerges out as an individual in the way it is brought up. If one takes up the decision of maintaining and shaping a child’s life since the early years of its birth, then there lies a surety that the individual would grow up to be a successful in the future.

In today’s world, what matters more and holds tremendous value is one’s performance and behaviour. All mankind must be proficient in a universally spoken language by which we are able to connect and converse with each other. English is this communication medium, in today’s world, which is the easiest and the most convenient means for connecting with people. When an individual attends a social event or a professional meeting, many people are seen speaking in fluent English. Proficiency in the English language is the current need of the present society as without it only a limited opportunities can be capitalized upon. So every parent wishes to see their child reach that place, for that one has to mould the child’s career right from day one.

Preparing a strong base in English is very important. Since, nowadays there are more nuclear families where both the parents are seen working independently, so it becomes difficult for them to teach and take care of their child personally. One can practice teaching English at home, by available English tutors in society.

Other activities, like encouraging their child to read, playing online English games, singing English songs, help in encouraging their child to learn English successfully. One should always make sure to try out new fun methods and techniques to make their child learn instead of those primitive old-school methods. What happens is that the child gets bored of the monotony and starts losing interest in studies. Many fail to realize this factor, and then the child suffers.

Teaching English at home is a far better option and is also very convenient as well. English is such a subject which is very easy to learn if it is taught in the correct way. So everyone should come across the benefits of making their child learn English so that they can pave their way to a better future.



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